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Lease Purchase

Lease Purchase

Lease Purchase

Ownership without the lump sum

Business is about smart thinking. Why strain your finances when you can instead pay a more comfortable monthly sum? We can help you get the vehicle your business deserves for a much better deal through lease purchasing.

The Benefits

More flexibility when it comes to payment
Easy-to-manage monthly price
Optional extras for added peace of mind
Significant tax advantages

Your business’ pride and joy

Differently to our other contracts, with lease purchasing you agree to complete ownership at the end of your term. You can however ask us to sell the vehicle on your behalf, and with our 40 year-strong connections, that might be an easier option for you. In this case, you’ll receive the surplus cash.

This method of leasing is particularly suited to luxury cars. We also offer some desirable additions, which will be consolidated into your monthly payment:

Routine servicing, mechanical repairs, batteries, exhausts, and tyres
Replacement vehicle in the event of accident or breakdown
Full membership of an Emergency Recovery scheme
Individual or fleet insurance cover

Always on-hand to help

Arrange for us to call you back at a convenient time, or get in touch with our head office.